Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Topics of Discussion

With a new year fast approaching, I am looking for new ideas.  Initially, there were some posts and topics that provoked some discussion.  As of later, however, the board has been relatively silent.  I am open to hearing what you would like to discuss.  If you have suggestions, please post them as a comment, or drop me an email @ ImperfectEkklesia@gmail.com.

Additionally, if you have expertise in a certain area and are interested in writing a piece for debate and/or discussion, please let me know.  I would love to have some guest writers in the coming year.


ScienceNut said...

I think you should discuss why creationism is preferable to intelligent design.

Aaron Bonham said...

I think a great discussion would be: What does it mean to believe something?

For example, does it imply some degree of certainty? Or does it simply mean that it represents what a person hopes to be true? is it the equivalent of 'faith'? etc. etc.

PacifismNotWar said...

A worthwhile topic of discussion would be to address the Christian view of war. As opposed to "just war theory," jihad, etc.

Anonymous said...

like aaron, i think it would be interesting to discuss the dynamics of "faith". what is it? how does it differ from belief? what is it based upon?