Friday, October 17, 2008

'08 Election

The presidential election is less than a month away.  Excitement seems to be in the air.  Who will win?  That is yet to be seen.

The question, however, is... What criteria will you use to make your decision?

It has been said that the litmus test for a candidate for conservatives are the issues of abortion and homosexuality.

It has been said that the litmus test for liberals is the environment.

Are these stereotypes true?  If you are a conservative what issues matter to you?  If you are a liberal what issues are close to your heart?  If you fall somewhere in between, what issues will you be looking at?

(While matters of issue and policy are important and open for discussion, please do not endorse a candidate or plug an agenda.  Please confine your comments to what issues are important for you and why they are important.  If you endorse a candidate, your post will be removed.)

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James said...

I think conservative Christians seem to be more unified behind the issues of abortion and gay marriage. Liberal Christians aren't really as much of a cohesive, unified group. There are groups that support a number of issues, generally the largest being social justice & poverty, peace/nonviolence, and environmentalism.

On issues, I look to the Bible and I take a more holistic view instead of focusing on one or two issues, and I want to vote all my values. I base much of that one Matthew 25:34-46. Also, I want to have a constant ethic of life.

To me, that means being against war, against the death penalty, against discrimination, against destroying Creation through pollution and oil addiction, in favor of welcoming the alien, reducing unwanted pregnancies, and against policies that lead to violence and poverty around the world.

When I vote, my main though is "who is going to do the most good, and bring the most peace and justice to the most people around the world."